the no cook, no dough

thought I'd share this with you...

1 cup plain flour
2 tablespoons cream of tartar
1 tablespoon cooking oil
1/2 cup salt
food colouring
1 cup boiled water

mix dry ingredients in bowl and add rest to boiled water, pour into mix and allow to cool.
if mix is sticky roll in a bit of flour
I store mine in a sealed container in fridge for ages - well till Miss Abbey wrecks it! 
I've stocked up on home brand ingredients so we can make it whenever and if its thrown out its not such a big deal


Belle Bazaar: Shop the Bazaar - Ravissant

Yay my first blogazine interview...
Belle Bazaar: Shop the Bazaar - Ravissant: "Ravissant is French for 'as pretty as a picture'I create paper art for boys and girls of all agesChoose a theme or a picture and away we g..."



I use to be such an organised person much so I think it affected my health. So I let that slide but I can't handle disarray. Slowly slowly I'm building myself up to an acceptable level of organisation. Not sure the hubby is happy with all the changes - ask him how many times I move things around!!
Started an addiction to blogs which has lead me to the most amazing finds - i heart organizing and the organised housewife
From there I've amended my routine & meal plan list to this:

By framing it you are able to use a whiteboard marker to tick off duties and write menu each week - I have 2 boxes for menu planning as our kids are the world's fussiest eaters! I'm impressed - just have to put it in to practise now!!!


what else...

I decided to donate to Light the Night auction (Leukaemia Foundation). The winning bidder & I came up with this very cute pic. Pink & purple are so pretty!!

Trains for a special boy in Melbourne

I am now planning for the markets, my first time!!! Pretty excited to be joining The Mummy Tree with the launch of their new markets on Oct 31. Trying to come up with creative ways for signage, thinking about how to make the table oh so pretty. Trying to decide how many pics I need to make.

Lots going on.....

So the next masterpiece was to create a little girls pic with fairies, toadstools and butterflies in whatever colour or design I liked....... as I had so much free rein on this I found it difficult, only because I was worrying if what I like is what the customer likes!! The challenge was to also step away fro my repeated pattern and actually put all these subjects together in one frame....I've named it the fairy garden and I don't mind it.....

The owl has been done for my sisters nursery - she picked a great combo of patterns and colours

now this one - I might just need to keep....I adore!!
Prob not the best helper you could have!!!



Oh so much is happening my head is spinning. I can't get my ideas onto paper quick enough. I've mastered a few techniques that I've seen around and can't wait to share...
is it any surprise I fell in love with this damask paper and it was a bonus that it was pink!
Wait till you see the plans for the butterfly I'm assuming my loyal customer will have one happy mum come November!! The cars are off to a dear friend who has supported me the whole way through this process and it is lovely to be able to make something for her sons. I like the yellow its cheery, these cars have that 3d look too. Do you see how the girls are 3d - I've tried to capture it in the photo. Now am I doing markets?? I need to think about this a little more may be too much to take on with an 8 month old??

if you do one thing today ....

and only one thing make sure you go and check out a fabulous new website, that yes Ravissant is on!!!
Its the latest coolest thing to be apart of
what are you doing...hurry get to it


ohhh look what I created using photobucket - well I'm impressed, have used it as my welcome page on facebook. So rewarding when I work out how to do technical stuff that frustrates me!!


A new addition for the girls

I thought it was time for more pink...this is my new favourite, what do you think? Again a white shadow box (this one is 8x10"), gorgeous damask pattern on pearly paper with a silhouette girl (attached with 3D foam squares).... I'm keeping this for my daughter but happy to reproduce a 1000 times over!!


inspired by Paris

Well I said once I reached 200 "likers" on facebook I'd release a new picture.... 
This time I've discovered these great Baroque frames - which come in red, black, pink, white, silver and green. I was feeling French so I've filled them with all things Parisian. Again you can order the colour you like, paper patterned or coloured and almost any picture you can dream up...just ask!!


those magnificent men in their flying machines....

A dear friend has ordered this for her friend's baby - Isaac....just pondering whether to include his name or not?? Again, hard to capture in a photo but these planes have a shadow and I have used the 3D tape to attach the planes. 
I can see this in Isaac's room for years to come.
same pic just a different setting



Exciting times here today....
the unveiling of the logo...let me know what you think
the lovely Nicole from Ellabella Prints ( prepared this for me
watch out world here we come.......



Here's a sample of the butterflies I can do... I actually want to go back now and change Milla's original butterflies


Orders to go....

These pics are ready to post off!
The cars have a blue car patterned paper, cars in the middle are stuck flat whereas outside ones I've used 3D tape.
The rockets have a page out of a space book and the background is the colour this little boys room will be decorated in.
My favourite fairy is becoming popular with this one off to princess Ava. The "A" is glued down and the fairy has 3D tape.


some additions

Being sick this week has killed me, I couldn't create!!!!! So today I got busy and I have a few to show you -
These two are orders so I've set them up for approval before securing. 

These are gifts for my nephew and niece. I wasn't going to do initials but the smaller frames needed something extra. I'm in love with the fairy and don't get me started on the glitter paper!!
This is a Parisian theme I have going on...the French Maid! My mum wants her for her ensuite. I'm glad its proving to be versatile art...babies, children, teenagers, young adults and now nana!


boys boys boys

Today I visited the Papercraft Expo - and came home inspired. So I created a few gifts for the nephews to trial out....having trouble with glue if anyone has suggestions!!!

There are some more on my facebook page :)


the beginning

well everytime I go shopping I have trouble buying my son something different and special... a few trips to the markets and I started thinking what could I make... trust me I'm not a sewer, can't paint but love detail and paper......
so after talking to different people I thought why don't I give paper art a go - something for boys, something for girls and no real age barrier...perfect
Oh the name -'s French for "as pretty as a picture"
my head is full of ideas and I can't get creating quick enough... I now have a purpose, a hobby...
so lets see where this journey takes me