Oh so much is happening my head is spinning. I can't get my ideas onto paper quick enough. I've mastered a few techniques that I've seen around and can't wait to share...
is it any surprise I fell in love with this damask paper and it was a bonus that it was pink!
Wait till you see the plans for the butterfly I'm assuming my loyal customer will have one happy mum come November!! The cars are off to a dear friend who has supported me the whole way through this process and it is lovely to be able to make something for her sons. I like the yellow its cheery, these cars have that 3d look too. Do you see how the girls are 3d - I've tried to capture it in the photo. Now am I doing markets?? I need to think about this a little more may be too much to take on with an 8 month old??

if you do one thing today ....

and only one thing make sure you go and check out a fabulous new website, that yes Ravissant is on!!!
Its the latest coolest thing to be apart of
what are you doing...hurry get to it


ohhh look what I created using photobucket - well I'm impressed, have used it as my welcome page on facebook. So rewarding when I work out how to do technical stuff that frustrates me!!


A new addition for the girls

I thought it was time for more pink...this is my new favourite, what do you think? Again a white shadow box (this one is 8x10"), gorgeous damask pattern on pearly paper with a silhouette girl (attached with 3D foam squares).... I'm keeping this for my daughter but happy to reproduce a 1000 times over!!